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The Importance Of Sports and Games In Your Child’s Life

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Why Sports are Important in a Student's Life
  • Sports are an essential part of a student’s development and growth. They help in the advancement of psychological well-being and physical wellness of the body.
  • By participating in sports and games, a student can increase different abilities, experience and confidence that are useful for building up their character.

At Icon International Residential School, the best CBSE School in Mysore, sports is a significant element of our educational system. The school is well furnished with multi-sporting facilities that incorporate cricket, tennis, ball, volleyball and other indoor games. The school does not just expect to improve a student’s physical capacities yet also build a sense of good sportsmanship in them.

Our school enjoys successful ad flourishing sports programs in collaboration with Gurukul Sports, Mumbai. We believe sports to be a vital component in the development of healthy pupils of all ages. A football match, basketball, volleyball are all opportunities to learn the value of teamwork and develop a healthy competitive attitude

6 Reasons Why Sports is Important in a Student’s Life For a Bright Future

Given below are the reasons why sports and games are essential in a student’s life:

  • Sports impart life skills

How Sports Can Develop Life Skills

  1. Icon International Residential School believes that while sports do not just aid in creating physical and emotional health, it also builds up the fundamental abilities of a student’s character. It upgrades their capacities and encourages them to have a superior comprehension of themselves.
  2. Sports also help in creating social aptitudes and coexisting with individuals. With the incorporation of both indoor and outdoor games at Best International Residential Schools in karnataka, we help students to figure out how to interface with kids of their age as well as with grown-ups like their mentors and seniors. Also, kids obtain basic leadership abilities through different group exercises.
  • Sports help in Time Management and Discipline

Self-Discipline and Time Management

  1. Productive use of time and discipline is a significant quality of any sportsperson. At best boarding school in karnataka, we conduct different sports activities to allow students to demonstrate the dedication of time to be in a specific place at a specific time daily as a part of their daily practice.
  2. He/she should show restraint, training which will empower the student to adapt to criticism and difficulties. Icon International Residential School aims to design each game with a lot of rules and guidelines to be followed which helps the students to remain fit and taught.
  • Boosts physical and mental wellbeing

The Mental Benefits of Sports

  1. At Icon, Best cbse residential schools in karnataka, we incorporate sports as the main extracurricular activities as we believe that sports are one of the main advantages of sports and games is to support the physical and emotional well-being of students.
  2. Sports are played between groups in a solid competitive environment which guarantees that the students stay dynamic and fit. Icon facilitates outdoor games like football, cricket, tennis, swimming, running, and so forth, keeps the body and mind dynamic and engaging for our students.
  3. Indoor games like chess, badminton, and table tennis improve the focus level of the students. It also reinforces the immune system of the body and gives them energy.
  • Enhance team building and leadership skills

Sports Can Build And Develop Leadership Qualities

  1. Sports is about teamwork. Icon International Residential School empowers group activities, for example, football, cricket, baseball and so on which gives students a sense of personality and belonging to a group.
  2. Such games urge kids to feature their ability and speak with their peers. It also recognizes and sharpens their leadership skills which add esteems to their character.
  • Creates a sense of sportsman spirit

Sports Creates a Sense of Sportsman Spirit

  1. Through our sports activities, Icon International Residential School teaches students that sports aren’t always about winning. It is about fair play and trusting inequality and justice. Losing is an integral part of any game and to accept defeat in a constructive way and take it in a sportsman spirit is the trait of a genuine sportsperson which drives him/her to endeavor more diligently whenever to achieve what he/she missed out the last game.
  • Improves self-confidence
  1. Scoring a goal, hitting a six or winning a race satisfies a kid as well as improves their self-confidence. Performing before a crowd which is always seeing your every single move can be very stressful.
  2. At Icon, we focus on valuing sportsmanship in students and thereby giving them a platform to improve focus, patience, the right amount of confidence through various indoor and outdoor games designed by us.
  3. Professional training is imparted to students of Icon International school who are both in our day school and boarding school. This includes specialized sports training in Athletics, Basketball, Badminton, Snooker/Billiards, Cricket, Tennis, Table Tennis, Football and Swimming.
  4. At Icon, our training programs are structured by global/national mentors at the school normally and monitor the development of the students. Our students make the most of their round of sports at our state-of-the-art sports complex.

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All the above reasons show how sports and games are an essential part of the education system and hence it is a great student skill development program designed at our school.

Join Icon International School for the high-quality curriculum and overall physical, mental and emotional development of your child to mold them into next-generation leaders.

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