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What to expect at a boarding school- how to make your kid’s stay smoother & hassle-free

What to Expect at a Boarding School

Sending your child to boarding school can be an emotional experience. How would you know whether you’re settling on the correct choice and all the more significantly, how would you pick a quality boarding school?

Here are a few advantages of boarding school from students’ perspectives; however, as a parent, how would you realize what to search for while doing your research? You can make the entire experience mess less stressful by being informed.

This is what to anticipate from Icon International Residential school for a hassle free and comfortable boarding school for the students.

Top 5 Advantages of Boarding School From Students Perspective

  • Experienced housemasters and tutors

Student boarders at Icon are under the care of qualified and experienced housemasters and tutors. This implies students in our school will have consistent access to a scope of qualified school staff for help with school work and general advice, and pastoral care staff to look after students’ emotional needs and general wellbeing. We have extraordinary staff additionally endeavor to be great good examples. This outcomes in complementary regard between the staff and students, and veritable positive and develop relationships.

  • Solid pastoral care

At Icon, we provide solid pastoral care to make a feeling of having a place, create aptitudes, for example, strength and confidence, track student progress, praise accomplishments and be a two-path association among school and home. It should incorporate proactive components –for example, such as developing skills that promote a school culture of respect, teamwork and participation – and reactive elements like giving comfort to students when they are hurt, or consolation even with dissatisfaction.

  • After school access to sports grounds and facilities

The major advantage of a boarding school is their opportunity to access to sports grounds and different facilities after school hours. In addition to the fact that Icon Residential school provides them with additional opportunity and extra time to exercise and master sport and music skills. Access to class facilities also keeps students concentrated on their ultimate objectives due to having an ideal environment to work in.

  • Organized times to finish work

At Icon, we have quality education with customary supervised and managed study routines for students. This not just furnishes boarding students with a chance to finish school work with the support of a mentor, it can also create powerful and independent study skills that will enormously profit them during and beyond their school years.

  • Long lasting connections

Boarding companionships are novel and frequently deep rooted steady connections. Your child will make companions that will possibly shape a major part of his grown-up life.

Obviously this is a hint of something larger with regards to exploring boarding school facilities at Icon International school for admitting your child. There are a lot more perspectives to consider, and at last it’s an individual decision that necessities to line up with your family’s needs and qualities.

At Icon, your child will be safe and happy! For more information about our boarding school facilities and admission formalities, please be in touch with us 

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