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How to prepare your kid for boarding school

tips to help in preparing your kids for boarding school:

The responsibility of preparing your kid for boarding school is an overwhelming step yet a critical one. This preparation can take years or just months. Most schools would offer transitioning activities and these are strongly recommended. Not exclusively will your kid become acquainted with their environment, they will meet other students and befriend other kids who might be feeling a similar way.

Some tips to help in preparing your kids for boarding school:

Practical preparation

 It is critical to ensure all things are obtained well ahead of time, along with labelling, as you don’t want to feel panicked due to time constraints.

Skills to teach

Probably the best challenge your kid will confront is sorting out themselves for maybe the first time.

Icon suggests that as parents, you have to tell them the best way to make a timetable of weekly activities and list things they require for every day.Instruct them to make a bed  use a washing machine and dryer, fold and iron their clothes.

Academic Preparation

Changing in accordance with the school and class sizes can be overwhelming for children. Some may find they are behind others of the class which can harm confidence. Tips to help your kids with this include, helping them to develop an examination timetable, establish a regular homework time at home, encourage the child to inform the teacher if they don’t understand.

Emotional Preparation

Icon Residential School suggests parents to talk about the move of the child to boarding school, being reliably positive. Issues to be talked about by parents with their kids are:

  • homesickness and how to beat it, 
  • control states of mind and be considerate of others, help other people who are settling in, that they won’t like everyone they live with.
  • peer pressure and how to react,
  •  the significance of getting enough sleep.

The routine

From wake up to lights out, your kid will pursue a routine which will make life agreeable and simple for them. However it will be much simpler if they are ready. You can find the boarders’ daily schedule in the boarding booklet and talk it through with your kid. Schedules assist kids with flourish and provide them with practical skills for their lives ahead.

Most significantly, tell your child that you have chosen this school because you believe that they will be safe and happy there, that they will make friends aplenty and that every member of staff is there to help and support them.

At Icon, we provide the most comfortable and convenient boarding school facilities for your kids. Here, you child is at the safe hands which enrich them with both academic excellence and extra curricular activities. So, join us to give your child the best of his growing times!

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