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Finding the right balance between fun and learning

Right Balance Between Fun and Learning

Finding the right balance between fun and learning is a significant element in the current education system. At Icon International Residential School, we always design our curricular and extracurricular activities in such a way that manages to cover & develop all the essential skilIs needed for a growing child in both their academics and other activities.

In today’s educational culture, It’s a challenge to motivate and encourage students even for the best teachers. It’s easy to show similar lessons quite a long time after year essentially in light of the fact that they have worked before, without really thinking about students’ present interest level. All educational program still needs some types of activities at times to make learning fun.

Moreover it’s significant for students to know about learning methodologies that are both powerful and a good time for them. When teachers and students can remain aware of improving the learning procedure on a normal premise, it’s a lot simpler to  work together to keep lessons engaging and motivating.

Here are the teaching strategies adopted at Icon International Residential School to help teachers and students with this procedure to make learning fun:

Learning with scientific experiments

Icon incorporates hands-on activities as an extraordinary method to make learning fun. We give simple science experiments that will improve students exploring density and buoyancy, or try any hands-on experiment.Before presenting any of these ideas, we have a realistic coordinator to have students anticipate what they think will occur during each test they lead.

Allow working together

There has been broad research on using cooperative learning methodologies in the classroom. Research says that when students cooperate, they retain information quicker and longer, they create basic reasoning aptitudes, and they fabricate their relational abilities. At Icon- Best residential schools in mysore, we create a cooperative study environment for students to have group studies and team activities so that it enhances their grasping, coordination and other interpersonal skills that increases learning ability.


At Icon, we give Hands-on activities to students for a fun learning and better concept understanding for students to learn. We use Use fun, hands-on activities for math, English, and geography activities to help students learn in a memorable way.

Brain Break for Students

Elementary students buckle down every day and they deserve a little break. For most instructors, it’s anything but difficult to see when students have had enough and are needing a fast jolt of energy. Research has indicated that students adapt best when they have a mind break all through the school day. Icon create better fun and relaxing  like yoga, meditation, games etc in between academic sessions to relax students’ body and mind

Field Trips

What’s better than a field trip? Field trips are an incredible route for students. At Icon- Top boarding schools in karnataka, we plan our field trips to associate what they are realizing in school with the outside world. They get a hands-on perspective on all that they learned in school, and they get the opportunity to associate what they figured out how to what they are seeing at the display.

Fun Review Time

When the students hear the words “it’s review time,” you may hear a couple of sighs and groans. At Icon- Best residential schools in karnataka, we transform those moans into smiles when we make it a fun learning experience.

Incorporate technology into lessons

Technology is an incredible method to make learning fun. Research has indicated that using technology in the classroom can build student learning and commitment. While using overhead projectors and tabletop computers, we at Icon International Residential School encourages student interest in learning.

Fun Learning Centers

Any activity that gets students cooperating and up and moving around will be entertaining. Our fun learning focuses and give students a choice of study topics. we also enable them to use our digital labs to systems or electronic gadgets, innovative math labs, digital library etc.

Conference Learning Approach

We at Icon adopt conference learning. a teaching technique that gives a teacher one-on-one time with every student. This works best while different students are engaged in an activity or play time. The educator should meet with every student to talk about their troubles, victories, and interests. These smaller than expected meetings give the teacher a superior comprehension of a student’s qualities and interests, which will help tailor  exercises and schoolwork to enable students to learn.

So, join Icon International Residential School for a perfect balanced teaching methods where fun and learning goes in hands together to create a nurturing and enriching learning and development environment for students. 

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