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Technology integration at classrooms

Latest Educational Technologies

The technology industry has advanced exponentially in the past couple of decades and has been adding tools to assist teachers to teach students in the most effective way. More prominent accessibility has made technology a practical alternative for teachers to include in their education plans.

Icon International school utilizes innovative technological tools to engage students in the learning procedure and make a harmonized learning environment. The platform urges students to develop their academic and social skills.

At Best Residential Schools in Bangalore, we incorporate the latest education technologies at our classrooms to equip students to get used to the latest technologies as well as to make their learning easy and effective.

Here are some of the education technologies used at Best residential schools in karnataka for the overall academic development of the students:

Electronic Whiteboards

Electronic whiteboards are exceptionally powerful for classroom learning. At Icon, we use electronic whiteboards which upgrade learning, and also students feel that it’s all the more convincing.

Our teachers use whiteboards to show Languages, Social Studies, Sciences, and Mathematics. Electronic whiteboards are intuitive with the end goal that, the teacher can extend a graph from a system onto the board and draw on it to help students understand quickly.


All students will most likely be unable to see what the teaching is appearing on the classroom screen, that is the place projectors come in.

At best Boarding school in Karnataka, we use projectors at classrooms which attaches to systems and tasks the screen to a bigger whiteboard in front of the classroom. It permits students, even those at the back, to see a bigger adaptation of the laptop screen.

Use of computers in the classroom

At Icon, we use computers to support the learning process. Computers are used by teachers to allot work to students in the classroom. Likewise our teachers also use computers to teach visual related subjects which help students to adapt effectively.

For instance, students can use internet explorer to search the internet, they can use word handling application to write notes. Teachers help students learn complicated applications on these systems as a method for making it simpler for students to learn and also make the educator’s activity simpler.

Document Camera

At Icon, the classrooms are equipped with document cameras for easy learning for the students. From reading pages out of a storybook to showing the students the best way to have detailed look in to each letter and words, this gadget is an incredible tool.

A document camera shows continuous visuals on a bigger scale. This ideal tool is used at Icon for telling instances of the best way to finish a math page, giving handwriting tips, or simply reading a story while students watch from their seats.

The camera is associated with an interactive media projector. At the point when a thing, for example, a book, worksheet, or science test is set under the camera, it anticipates onto the screen live and in real life.

Interactive learning is the most valuable and connecting approach to arrive at an understudy and improve their learning potential.


We at Icon continuously strive to better students’ academic outcomes by introducing technological tools to the study methods.Technology in the classroom is doing only that- – keeping students stimulated by using the latest technologies and digital tools for encouraging better learning possibilities for students.

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