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How to Choose the Best Boarding School for your Child

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Icon International Residential School- Right School For Your Child

The decision to enrol one’s lad into a boarding school around Bangalore is never an easy one and mostly out of necessity. The intention is undoubtedly justified – to provide the best scaffolding for the child to reach lofty heights.

But, how do we know which is the best school available?

How convenient it would be, if there existed, a ready reckoner that would aid in the decision-making process. Unfortunately, there isn’t one and these choices are customized according to individual needs. It is influenced by a lot of emotional as well as practical aspects that need to be taken into consideration.

Some of the common factors that influence the decision to enroll a child into a boarding school include practicalities such as one’s financial situation, the location of the school along with the distance and connectivity to hometown, etc. 

key factors in choosing the best boarding school for your child

  1. Academic affiliations to a certain board of education (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE)
  2. The overall reputation of the school, which is often decided by studying the features presented on the websites and word of mouth
  3. Various state-of-the-art facilities offered in the campus
  4. Well qualified staff members of the school etc.

Why Icon International?

Icon International Residential School offers all of the facilities described above and much more. It is  Located off Mysore-Mangalore highway (190 kms from Bengaluru), across five acres amidst serene nature, it is one of the safest locations and pollution-free. What better than an upbringing surrounded by greenery and playgrounds, that is most sought after today.

A prescribed curriculum of the CBSE board has been enhanced with well thought after, age-appropriate and relevant activities for the overall physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of the children. For example, play, being the most important activity for the kindergartners has been deeply embedded in the activities for that age group. For children of primary sections, emphasis has been laid on hands-on experience and for the 5th-7th graders, social skills through group work, induction into various houses, hobby-clubs with extra-curricular activities such as dance, music, art, dramatics, etc. are given prominence to inculcate the habit of appreciating our rich cultural heritage and increase social awareness.

An impressive array of world-class facilities in the campus encourages children to groom themselves in a wide variety of sporting activities such as swimming, cricket, soccer, volleyball, skating, tennis, basketball, badminton and many other indoor games. Other state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities include digitally smart, Teach Next interactive classrooms, multi-media learning classes, laboratories and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity to match the requirements of today’s well-connected world.

Finally, equal importance has been laid upon providing children with a homely atmosphere with spacious and comfortable dormitories. Each dorm houses not more than three students who have access to their own study area, mechanized kitchens, laundry and attached bathrooms. A well-qualified residential medical officer is stationed to ensure health and well-being. Effective student-teacher ratios, as well as the qualified and experienced teachers taking part in the day to day activities of the children, help for better bonding to provide the emotional and psychological support that they need.  

Parents can thus visit the school at their convenience by scheduling a campus visit to witness the best that is provided to mold children into leaders of tomorrow.

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