How safe are International Residential Schools for your children?

The thought of a residential school often sparks separation anxiety and discomfort in parents and children alike. Apart from the emotional stress, certain practical aspects also have to be taken into consideration, before deciding to enroll one’s ward into a residential school. These could be issues such as distance from the home town, connectivity and frequency of public transport, location of the school, safety etc.

Factors such as distance to home town, school being located in a particular town/city or connectivity is beyond one’s purview to be solved. But parents can definitely impress upon authorities of the school with regard to safety.  Therefore, with increase in unsafe incidents, one of the top concerns today remain overall safety and security of the child. The very fact that the child is physically away and at a distant location from the home premises is a big concern for the parents. This is associated with the helplessness in reaching out immediately, in case of untoward incidents or any health issues that might crop up with the child.

A safe learning environment is of utmost importance which helps children focus on studies without any distractions. Issues such as fights, bullying, being assaulted by fellow boarders and sometimes even from sexual harassment can be great source of concern in terms of mental health for the children.  Thus, it is important to choose the best residential school, taking into account the factors described below.

Icon International Residential School is one such international boarding school around Bangalore where safety is given primary importance. Located off Mysore-Mangalore highway (190 kilometers from Bengaluru), the school is situated at one of the safest and serene locations.

Safety at various levels is ensured beginning with the school and classroom premises where children spend most of the day time. Classrooms are bright and airy and corridors wide and spacious with ample space for students to avoid crowding and injuries. Similar measures are taken at the playgrounds. The school offers a semi-Olympic sized swimming pool, a huge basket-ball court and an enormous skating ring, thus, giving every child equal chance to participate at all times instead of having to wait eternally for their turn.

Safety in terms of health and hygiene reserves equal significance. A well-qualified resident medical officer is stationed at the school 24 hours a day, to attend to medical issues without any delay. Any student who is unwell is handled with utmost care. The infirmary is also very well equipped with first aid and primary medical care equipment. Treatment for more serious illnesses are given in consultation with parents or guardians.

With regard to the hostel and dormitories, the school has provided a homely environment with spacious and comfortable accommodation. Three students share a dormitory and have access to their own study area, mechanized kitchen, laundry and attached bathrooms.  The cafeteria is maintained with regular cleaning every day and the quality of food is maintained with hygienic cooking conditions.

Several measures have also been taken with regard to the campus safety. Patrolling activities are conducted often by the staff and designated authorities to notice any sort of unusual or suspicious activities taking place in the campus and to ensure that such potential risks and incidents are averted. This has also been supplemented by installation of CCTV cameras across the campus that capture all movements across. Safeguards against possible incidents such as fire-break outs have been made certain with the help of exit plans and installation of fire extinguishers at all areas across the campus. Fire-drills are also carried out twice in a year to familiarize students with exit plans.

Parents can schedule a campus visit any day to witness the above facilities provided at one of the best residential schools around Bangalore and be rest assured about safety of their children.

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