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Common Myths about Boarding School

Boarding School Myths

Enrolling your child in the boarding school is difficult, however it is a thoughtful family choice. When you expose your child to thorough training, serious sports, and  unparalleled opportunity at a boarding school, it gives your kid more opportunity to plan for their future. There are a huge number of advantages of opting for a boarding school.

However, there are several myths parents have with regards to admitting their kids at a boarding school. Let’s have a look at some of these myths that parents have

Visiting child will be tougher

  • Myth: Yes, there are possibilities that your child will be busy at the boarding school as their days at the school will be more structured with busy classes, after school sports and activities, social hours and study hall time. Hence, this common myth is that the parents are not given chances to visit their children more often. Children will not get enough time to spend with their parents.
  • Fact: The check-in and check-out procedures are becoming easier and more frequent at boarding schools with the help of technology and apps.

At  Best Residential Schools in Bangalore, we enable parents to visit their children in a proper scheduled time. Also, we give parents the access to students for any scheduled events and games. Thus communication between parents and students who are in the boarding school are made frequent so that the students do not feel the absence of being with their parents to a greater extent and become emotionally unstable.

Less individual attention on kids

  • Myth: It is one of the common beliefs or myths that children at boarding school are not given proper individual attention. As many children occupy in a boarding school, most of the time, kids won’t get any personal attention from the boarding teachers and staff in their studies and in other extra curricular activities.
  • Fact: This is actually quite the opposite. At Icon, we ensure that every child at the boarding school is given personal attention by the respective school staff and teachers for their academic development. We have monitoring systems to map the activities of children at our boarding school. We also have a standard electronic system to track the movement of the students in various locations in the school.

No emotional support for kids

  • Myth: Nobody can replace the bond children have with their parents. Certainly, students have their friends and commonly a trusted mentor. Despite everything parents are tensed that their children aren’t much of the time being checked in with. School atmosphere is essential for your kid’s enhanced learning at school. A main consideration of school atmosphere is emotional support
  • Fact: At Icon, we use innovation, life experience with world class education at our boarding school. We give a great opportunity for your children to become independent, or as an approach to keep them on an honest way of life. Icon takes every initiative to supervise and guide students including checking in day by day on timetables and grades.

Boarding Schools Focus Only on Academics

  • Myth: Many parents have an idea that boarding schools focus on academic development of students and keep students away from extra-curricular exercises.
  • Fact: However, at Icon International School we create a healthy balance between academics and co-curricular activities.  We focus on making students all-rounders. Sports and different exercises are equivalent to studies and students of all age groups are encouraged for participation.

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At Icon Residential School, we foster a learning process that will prepare students for the future. Join your child in Icon International School to give them an opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in future.

We empower our students and are passionate about providing World-Class Education, which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding at our boarding school.

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