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What are the benefits of boarding school in Karnataka?

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benefits of boarding school in Karnataka

When you have already decided to admit your kid at a boarding school, but still, in a dilemma on how a boarding school will benefit your kid on their physical, emotional and mental development, this piece of information will help you with the same.

Though your kid is physically away from you, a boarding school environment may help in their complete development in academics, athletics and extracurricular activities

As a parent, it would be a common worry about how safe and comfortable a boarding school is? whether a day school is the right option for your kid. However, if you have already decided on a boarding school for your kid, the next step is to choose the right boarding school for your child.

At Icon International Residential School in Mysore, we have the most state of the art and comfortable boarding facility for the students meeting the needs of both parents and students and to ensure that children are able to adapt easily in our boarding environment.

We have designed our boarding facility in such a way that there are customized and individual hostel blocks for boys and girls with a toilet in every room, individual beds, wardrobes and study tables for each boarding student.

Here are some top benefits of boarding school

Icon International Residential Schools are unique in the following ways:

Dedicated teachers to support

At Icon, Residential Manager, Warden, and teachers reside on the campus and they are available to provide 24/7support to the students. Our residential teachers are passionate about teaching and are well experienced in their field of specialization to impart the best academic knowledge to the students. We have a disciplined environment combined with talented teachers to ensure academic excellence for the students.

Sports Facilities

At Icon, boarding students are provided with amazing and effectively managed sports facilities. We provide flourishing sports programs in collaboration with Gurukul Sports with a wide range of sports for the students like a football match, basketball, volleyball, etc for the physical and mental development of the students. It also enables our students to build essential life skills like teamwork, competitive attitude and time management skills.

Kitchen and Dining

Our boarding facility combines with a dedicated and separate kitchen for each hostel block. We provide hygiene, healthy and nutritious food for the students which are regularly made in-store by our specific Chef team. All the meals are served under the supervision of the Mess Management Committee.

Improved Pastoral Care

We at Icon maintain an improved student-teacher connection on a one to one basis to ensure a higher level of education and academic performance for the students. All our teachers and staff are well acquainted with the students with a good rapport between them, both inside and outside the school campus. Teachers and Housemasters closely monitor each student individually about their progress through the school so that it is easy to understand each child more effectively.

Extensive Art Programs

Children at our boarding school get extensive exposure to our various art programs like Theater, dance, music, fine arts, and many such performing arts to polish the talents and skills of the children. In this way, we at Icon continuously strive to boost the talents of the artistically inclined students and provide them a platform to grow their skills to the next level.

Learning independence and Set priorities

Attending board school helps in the overall development of the students in a wide spectrum. Most importantly, they will learn independence which is the greatest gift of survival on earth. Boarding students at Icon get the opportunity to navigate through all their necessities independently like studying alone, laundry, taking care of their basic things without parental support. This will also mold them to be responsible and accountable for their conduct.

These are our top ten reasons to go to boarding school. You will doubtless think of others. If all of this intrigues you, and you want to learn more about choosing a school, read 5 Steps for Choosing a Boarding School. One last bit of advice: don’t put off starting the process of choosing a boarding school to the last minute. You will need at least 18 months before the fall of the year in which you want your child to be in school.

We at Icon International Residential School, give a wide opportunity for the social and academic preparation and development of the boarding students so that they succeed in their academic performances and in other extracurricular skills. We prepare them to become future leaders.
If you are planning to opt for a well organized and secured boarding school facility for your child, we are here for you !

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