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Psychology of a Students’ Brain during Exam

Help Your Child Beat Exam Stress

As exam stress piles up, children tend to mug up their study lessons and miss to study everything thoroughly, at the same time consoling themselves before an exam.

Last minute studies do not allow you to remember everything and therefore children may not attempt their exams well.

How can you as parents help your children to get out of their stress?

It’s your responsibility to bring down their study stress and anxiety levels with your care, comfort and support in their studies and in overall health.

Stress Starts With Hormones

While it’s quite undesirable, stress really has a significant evolutionary function: it readies your body to react to risks, increasing your sharpness, raising your pulse and raising your glucose so your cells and tissues can get to quick energy. That reaction is extraordinary when you have to sit and concentrate on your test.

The physiological stress reaction begins in your brain with the release of arginine-vasopressin (AVP) and corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) in your hypothalamus.

CRH sends a substance message to your pituitary organ that eventually triggers the arrival of cortisol, the body’s main stress hormone. Together, cortisol and vasopressin animate your body’s pressure reaction: expanding your pulse, pulse and glucose and at last initiating your “flight or battle” reaction.

Severe stress can influence their comprehension, contrarily affecting both memory and capacity to finish a task. After some time, constantly high feelings of anxiety can also weaken childrens’ ability to form new memories, so high feelings of anxiety could affect their performance level in the exams.

How to beat exam stress ?

Beating exam stress can be a tedious task for the parents as both children and parents are equally stressed during exam times.

  • Initially, take care of the health of your children. It’s too simple to even think about cramming such a great amount of information into their mind and furthermore attempt to continue ahead with an incredible remainder. Children wind up taking on too much work, as it were, and this can truly harm their wellbeing. 
  • Taking care of their health which gives them satisfactory rest. Eat and drink reasonably and with some restraint, practice body and invest quality energy in yourself. 

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  • Learning at each accessible open door can prompt information over-burden. We recommend that you set an exam time timetable and stick to it however much as could be expected. Reading for 20 minutes one after another, trailed by a ‘reflection period’ on what you have realized and afterward a brief break – is perfect for ideal learning. 
  • Make learning fun. Use a chance to test what is learned on what you’ve realized up until this point, when they are away from books.

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  • If their mind begins to wander during your studies then it’s time for a rest. There’s no point in continuing at this time with the learning because childrens’ brains won’t absorb the information as easily as it would if they were at their peak.
  • Practice exercise. Attempt this – let them close their eyes and loosen up each muscle in the body – beginning with the feet and stirring way up to their head. At that point, let children envision themselves strolling down the means from a gallery – into a beautiful nursery. Bring all their sense into play, their vision, smell, taste, hearing and contact, for instance, enjoying the scenery and hearing the flying creatures, tasting the sweet morning air and contacting the petals of a blossom. Let them stay right now a couple of moments before opening their eyes, take a full breath – and return to the room.
  • Do each thing in turn. Plan heretofore which subject your going to examine and don’t falter. If they get intruded on, put the interference to the other side until they are prepared to manage it.

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At Icon International School, we recommend parents to consider both the mental and physical health of your children during their exam time, by making them stress free and giving them ample time to study and prepare well in advance for their exams.

Our psychological teaching approach helps to know the psychology of your children’s brain and provide them with the best learning tools and support to excel in their academics.

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